markilux amortisation calculator

A markilux shading system pays for itself much faster than expected in the catering industry. Find out here how much extra revenue you can generate per season with a suitable sun/weather protection solution.

This tool is only intended to show possible extra income. All information/results are without guarantee.


How large is your terrace or guest garden in square metres?

How many seats does your terrace or guest garden have?

Estimated percentage increase in seating due to sun/weather protection:

Opening hours and sales

How many days per month is your business open?

How many days a month have you been able to use your terrace / guest garden so far?
Thanks to a sun/weather protection, you have the possibility to use the terrace / guest garden every working day.
Number of guests on the terrace / in the guest garden per day (currently):

Average revenue in € per guest:

Estimated additional revenue per month

additional usable days per month: [round(F3-F4)]

additional income per month: [F5*F6*F22*E1] €

less any additional costs incurred in €
e.g: Personnel, Energy, Other,...

= additional income per month minus additional costs: [round(E2-F7)] €

Seasonal potential

How many months does your regular patio season last?

How many additional months could you use your patio with a sun/weather protection solution?

= additional yield per season: [round(E3*F10)]

Save your calculation as a PDF: